How To Turn Off Roku Tv Voice

How To Turn Off Roku Tv Voice. The only other possibility is the audio track of whatever you're playing has the narration. (“ mute ”/” unmute ”).

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Just select the “shortcut” category, and select the “disabled” option. Your roku may need some time to respond to this command, so don’t worry. It should appear on the right;

Just Select The “Shortcut” Category, And Select The “Disabled” Option.

To make your roku stop talking, you should quickly hit the “*” button (star/options button) on your remote four times. It only goes to cc and when you go into accessibility, it does give you the option of turning the voice guide off/on. Now the audio guide will disappear until you decide.

It's Likely Something In Your Tv.

You can disable that shortcut from the settings > accessibility screen, too. Your roku may need some time to respond to this command, so don’t worry. Menu icon a vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines.

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The Various Configurations Available To You Are As Follows:

How to turn off voice on roku using the settings menu. Don’t be afraid to get too basic: When toggled off, the voice guide button is greyed out to indicate that.

Press The Home Button On The Roku Remote.

Or you can also go to settings > system > power and choose to turn your tv off after four hours of inactivity. From the home menu, scroll down to settings, then select accessibility > audio guide. That's the only voice function in a roku, if pressing * four times doesn't turn the voice off, then the voice isn't coming from the roku.

Turn Off The Roku Tv By Unplugging The Tv From The Wall.

Press the home button on roku remote; The only way to completely turn off the roku tv is to unplug the cord from the outlet. When you use the roku remote to turn off your roku tv, you're actually just putting the television into standby mode.


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