Rules For Sets And Runs Card Game

Rules For Sets And Runs Card Game. 2 four card flushes (example is 4,5,6,9 hearts & 2,6,10,j spades) 9. The dealer deals 3 cards to the table to replace the missing cards.

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Object of the game the object of each round is to dispose of all your cards by a combination of melding, laying off, and discarding. Runs & sets a run is a sequence of 4 or more consecutive cards from the same suit (example: 1 set of 3 card & 1 run (sequence) of 4 cards.

The Fifth Requires A Run Of Eight.

On your turn you can either draw one card from the top of the deck or take the card on the top of the discard pile. Before i explain, two things must be remembered: 1 set of 3 + 1 run of 3 2.

The Fourth Requires One Set Of Four And A Run Of Four.

The exception to this rule is in round 5, where a run of seven cards is required. The first step is to lay down. the second step is to simply play the rest of their hand to sets or runs already on the table. 1 set of 3 + 1 run of 4 3.

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Runs Can, However, Become Consecutive Later, When They Are Extended By Adding Extra Cards.

If there is an ace in the run, it can serve as either high card or low card, but not both in the same run. To win the game you need to make minimum 2 sequences, out of which one needs to be pure sequence and rest can be any valid sequence or sets. 7 cards of 1 color.

One Set Of 3 Cards And Two Runs Of 4 Cards;

1 run of 8 cards. There is no rule against a player melding two sets of the same rank. 1 set of 5 cards & 1 set of 2 cards

A Hand Ends When Someone Manages To Form A Phase And Discard All His/Her Cards In Hand.

Draw one card, either from the top of the draw pile or the top of the discard pile. A set is 3 or more cards of the same rank (example: According to phase 10 rules, the official 10 phases are:


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